Study Guide
1910 - 1940

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1. How many people lived in Sarasota in 1910?

2. What time did 16 year olds (and younger) have to be home by?

3. What did Sarasotans find during a street widening project on Main Street on May 28, 1910?

4. During what times was the electricity turned on in 1910?

5. What bank was organized on March 7, 1911?

6. How much money was approved for building the water works and sewage system for Sarasota County?

7. How did the Seaboard train crash in 1911?

8. What important crop was being grown in Sarasota in 1911? How was it transported to market?



9. Who bought a home at Shell Beach?

10. What was the town’s first fireproof building?

11. What was the purpose of the Great Livestock Referendum?

12. How did people of Siesta Key talk on the phone before 1912?


13. a. What high school opened in 1913?

b. Where was it?

c. How many students went there?

14. What beach opened up on Siesta Key for the first time to the public?

15. What special event happened for the first time on April 9, 1913?

16. a. When did Sarasota actually become a city?

b. Who decided this?

17. Who was the first mayor of the city?

18. What was considered the center of Sarasota women’s social life?


19. Why did voters from Sarasota, Venice and Osprey vote to issue $250,000 in bonds?

20. What disaster spurred the first fire engine to arrive on April 27th?


21. What did Sarasota Ice & Power Company do on June 9th that made the women of Sarasota very happy?


22. When did the Siesta Key bridge officially open?

23. What did Congress vote to do almost a month before this?

  1. Read the Naval Militia newspaper article. What was the attitude of the men in Sarasota?


25.. Why did so many places close in Sarasota on October 17, 1918?

What was the situation world-wide?

26. What mistake did the newspaper make on November 8th?

27. What major event happened on November 11th?


28. What did everyone want to buy in 1919?

29. a. What was formed in 1919 to promote peace?

b. What is it called today?


30. What was the peril of car travel?

31. How many people lived in the town of Sarasota in 1920?

32. What did the 19th Amendment say that women could do?


33. What major event took place on July 1st in 1921?

34. What happened to Sarasota on October 22nd?


35. Who was sentenced to 6 years for civil disobedience?

36. What was completed on November 28th after crews worked for 24 hours a day for 60 days?


37. What famous settler died on the golf course on September 7th?

38. What tomb was discovered that same year?


39. Who began training in Sarasota in 1924?

40. When Sarasota’s first public hospital opened on December 4th, how many patients could it hold?

b. Where was it located?

41. Who did Congress give citizenship to?


42. What did the state legislature approve on November 21st?

43. What was important about Sarasota Hospital?

44. What did David B. Lindsay found?


45. What new city is founded at the beginning of 1926? Who founded it?

46. a. Why was the Ringling Causeway built?

b. Who built it?

47. What was the name of the hotel that John Ringling started to build, but never completed?

48. What hotel was built that year ? What was it later called?

49. Who swam the English Channel? How long did it take ?

50. The construction of what three schools began in 1926?

51. What two famous "Ringling" landmarks were in construction in 1926?


52. What did John Ringling bring to Sarasota that greatly impacted Sarasota’s growth?

53. a. What did Ringling build to store his art collection?

b. About how much was this art collection worth?

c. How much was the freight charge to transport the four large Rubens from London to Sarasota? What were some of the other expenses involved?

54. Who was Sarasota’s new municipal golf course named after?

55. Who made the first nonstop flight from New York to Paris?


56. What major road to Miami opened?

57. Who was the first woman to fly over the Atlantic?

58. Where were some of the farthest people from that could hear Sarasota’s first radio station, WJBB?


59. How old was the skeleton that was found near Phillippi Creek on May 4th?

60. a. What major historical event occurred on October 29th?

b. What period did this event mark the start of?


61. What was that unemployment rate in 1930?

62. What historical building opened on March 30th?


63. How much did the Emergency Public Works Act provide?

64. What was the population of Sarasota in 1930?

65. What musical era started in 1930?


66. What school did John and Mable Ringling establish in 1931?

67. a. Who was set free?

b. What did the British agree to do?

68. What "tall" building opens in New York city in this same year?


69. a. What famous Scottish colonist of Sarasota dies?

b. What was he known for?


70. Who chooses Sarasota as their site for Spring training?

71. What did President Roosevelt order on March 6th?

72. What was passed to promote economic recovery?

73. a. What is Prohibition?

b. How did it end?


74. a. How much land did the state acquire in 1934?

b. Who did they acquire it from?

c. What did they do with it?


75. What did Ringling Junior College become?

76. How did 400 people die in the Keys?

77. How did forty WPA workers find work in 1935?


78. What famous Sarasota man died on December 2nd?

79. What theater held an open house?


80. Why would a Poll Tax be unfair?

81. What was one way that transportation improved for Sarasotans in 1937?

82. How did people start to control diabetes?


83. What WPA project in Sarasota opened in 1938?

84. What national law was passed that same year?


85. What famous Sarasota landmark was built in 1939?

86. What fair opened that year?


87. What was the census (population) of Sarasota in 1940?

88. What tourist attraction opened that year?




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