Study Guide
1940 - 1970



What was the population of Sarasota in 1940?

What tropical park opens this same year?

What school starts to be built?


What park opens in 1941? Who dedicated it?

What library opens? What is it eventually called?

What major attack takes place on December 7th?


What bomber pilot training base opens in the spring of 1942? What does it eventually become?

What was the reason for this? What war is raging in Europe?


What does the Venice Army Training Base start doing?

Who is present at the Teheran conference? Why do you think they were meeting?


What hits Sarasota in 1944 that destroys many of the crops and causes 500 people to evacuate their homes?

What is the famous day called (June 6th) when the Allies invade Normandy?

What is important about the election of Miss Charlie Hagerman?


How many people live in Sarasota in 1945? Who surrenders on May 7th?

What ends in 1945? What famous president dies? Who becomes president?


What two military bases are deactivated? Why do you think?

How does Sarasota rank in celery production for the state?


What museum does the state approve financing for?

Who becomes the first non-white major league baseball player?

What do the scientists at Bell laboratories invent this year?


Which two arts groups get started in Sarasota? Why do you think this did not happen earlier?


What new circus has its first performance?

What does the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce want to do? Why do you think?

What school starts construction?

Where are U.S. troops sent?

What does the county buy this same year?

What popular symphony debuts (begins)?


What theater is moved to Sarasota in crates?

Who came to town that caused so much excitement in Sarasota and Venice?


What is the big event in Feb.?

What three schools begin to be built? Why three in the same year? What does President Truman sign this year?


What theater opens this year? What is its first performance? What did Sarasota host on March 1st ? Who did it feature? What elementary school starts to be built?

Who climbs to the top of Mt. Everest?


What school begins construction this year? What MAJOR decision did the Supreme Court make on May 17th?


What store opens in the new Ringling Shopping Center?

What opens on October 16th?

What school begins construction?

What does the Supreme Court decide on May 31st?


What opens this year, according to the timeline?

How many people attended this opening?

Who becomes famous this year with "Heartbreak Hotel"?


What three new schools begin construction?

What famous author publishes two new books? What are their titles?

What two famous satellites are launched? What country launches them?


What were the big events of 1958?

What two new schools begin construction?


Who purchases a great portion of north Sarasota's prime real estate? What did they purchase? How much did it cost?

What elementary school begins construction in 1959?

What communist leader comes into power this same year?

What do Cubans do after this happening?

What two new states join the United States of America?


Why did people evacuate the Keys in 1960? What did the schools do during this same time?


What unusual event took place with two elephants? What were police called in to do?

What major invasion of Cuba took place? Was it successful?

What did President Kennedy establish this same year?

What two schools began construction?

What major wall was built to divide Germany?


What was the first elementary school to integrate in Sarasota?

What new grade was added this same year at Bay Haven? Who paid for it? How did they do it?

Where were U.S. troops sent in 1962?


What was special about Booker High School in 1963?

Who was assassinated this same year?


What opened just south of Blackburn Point Road?

Who was the famous architect that designed the dorms at New College?

Who became worldwide celebrities in the same year?


Look at the statistics for 1965 and compare it with previous years. What is happening? What school begins construction?

Who became the first American to walk in space this same year?


What two new schools begin construction?

What is Sarasota’s tallest building? How many stories is it?


What building is torn down?

What school closes as part of a county integration plan?

What was special about Dr. Christiaan Barnard?


What happened early this year that showed the power of local citizens against big land development?

What school began construction this year?

What major American leader was assassinated?


What major Sarasota landmark was demolished?

What two astronauts walk on the moon in the same year?


What theater opens on January 5th?

What closes in Venice?

What event in May effected college students and public opinion about the Vietnam war?

Think About It….

  1. How did W.W.II change Sarasota and Venice? What did they become?
  2. Look at the pictures of soldiers and barracks. Check out the ID of Private Farber. What do you think it was like to be a soldier stationed in Sarasota County? What do you think it was like for the citizens left at home? What was their attitude toward the war effort? (Look at the gallery pictures from 1942-1945.)
  3. What does condemning land mean? Why was the West Coast Inland Navigation District doing this in 1950? What is our benefit today?
  4. If your family was visiting Sarasota in the 1950s and 1960s, what attractions could you chose to visit? Why?
  5. Read the 1962 newspaper article about the NAACP suit against the Sarasota Board of Public Instruction. Who was the NAACP and what were their five objectives? What is desegregation?
  6. Create your own timeline with happenings in your own family, such as births, deaths, graduations, moving, going to war, etc. Notice how it parallels what was happening in Sarasota County and Elsewhere on the Timeline chart.


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