Study Guide
1842 - 1910


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Use the timeline to find the answers to these questions
concerning some very interesting events in Sarasota History.

*Fort Armstead...

What was it?

Where in current day Sarasota was it located?

Why was it abandoned?

When was it abandoned?

*Sarasota’s First Settler...

Who was the first recorded settler in Sarasota?

Where did he settle?

What enabled him to settle in Sarasota?

In what year does Florida become a state?

*Charting a new town...

Who first charted the township lines?

In what year did they do this?

*The Creation of New Pass...

How was it created?

Who named it?

*Sarasota’s first recorded marriage...

Who was married?

When were they married?

Where did they settle?

*Sarasota’s first recorded birth...

What was this child’s name?

Who were her parents?

Where in Sarasota was she born?

On what date was she born?

If she were still alive today, how old would she be?

*Manatee County is born...

When was it formed?

What county was it originally part of?

*Another Whitaker child is born...

What was his name?

On what date was she born?

What were his parents doing at the time that he was born?

Where were they doing this?

Think About It!

Early Pre-historic settlers in the Sarasota area left behind many"dump sites" filled with shells. What do you think they used the shells for and why would they be in a dump site?


Pretend you are an early Sarasota settler . Choose one of the following project ideas that best use your personal expertise and skills.

Idea #1: Architecture and Interior Design
Imagine that you are an early Sarasota settler. You have just arrived in town and only have the supplies that you brought with you. You need a home for you and your family. How are you going to build it? What materials are you going to use? What will it look like? Look at the architecture in the Gallery.

Draw pictures and write an explanation of the house that you plan to build and how you plan to decorate it. What will you sleep on, eat on, sit on? How will you cook and where will you wash? Keep in mind that you are trying to live as civilized as possible, using as many natural resources and materials that are native to Sarasota. You may find this information by referring to the summarized biographies of Sarasota's early settlers on this site.

Idea #2: Culinary Arts
Imagine that you are an early Sarasota settler. You have just arrived in town and only have the supplies that you brought with you. You have traveled to many places and tasted many fine foods. Good food is very important to both you and your family.

Using you imagination and reference skills, make a cook book with several delectable dishes, made from foods found around the Sarasota area. These may include appetizers, salads, soups, main courses, deserts, drinks, etc. Pay close attention to foods mentioned in the biographies and those that may be hard to come by (e.g. spices, fats, etc.).

Idea #3: Business
Imagine that you are an early Sarasota settler. You have just arrived in town and only have the supplies that you brought with you. You need to find a way to provide for you and your family in your new town. Keep in mind several services that Sarasota's new citizens may benefit from that they don't already have. Pay close attention to the information supplied in the biographies. What businesses have been started already? Which have been successful? Which haven't been?

Using your reference skills, make a chart of the entrepreneurs and their businesses. If one has more than one, make sure to list all of them. Second, brainstorm a few possible choices and list them. Choose your favorite and develop a plan. Where will you get your capital (the money to start the business) and what are its possibilities for growth? Make sure to include expenses and income appropriately priced for that time.

Find the story  "Four Days on the Myakka River" on the 1880 timeline. G. O. Shields, the author, gives a first-hand account of the adventure. Who took him on the camping trip?
How did they travel? How did they return home?
What did they take with them?
What were they hunting?
What did they eat and how did they prepare it?
Where did they sleep? Did they find any Indians?
Would you have enjoyed going along on this hunting trip?
What was the attitude toward hunting in 1880? How does it differ from today?
Would you have enjoyed the career of a hunting guide? Why?

Look over the biographies of early settlers in Sarasota County. Choose at least two people and compare the following:
1. Why did they come to Sarasota County and when?
2. What route did each take? What was the mode of transportation?
3. How long did it take to get to Sarasota?
4. Estimate the miles each traveled.
5. Once the settlers arrived, were there any surprises?
6. How did each make a living in their new home?
Print out a map of Florida. Draw in different colors the routes taken by Bill Whitaker, the Scottish colonists, the Webb family, the Crowley family, and Mrs. Potter Palmer.


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